How we started

A short little story

Yours, Truly

Hi! We’re Izzy and Nesya, and we’re on a mission to make sure women
everywhere are investing in wigs they actually love.

Our StoryThis all began as personal project. We loved and appreciated the mitzvah ofcovering our hair, but we were tired of spending money on wigs we’d bemiserable with a year later.

The hair would knot and oxidize. The cap would give us a headache. It wouldlie funny, or get too poofy. No wig was ever just right – and if it was, it wouldstart dying 2 years in.Eventually, we realized the only way to get it right would be to purchase acustom wig – but like, who has the money for that?So we spent months researching, until we determined that the best qualityhair that money could buy – 100% unprocessed, untreated, virgin European.

Then, we spent over a year just tracking down the right source – not amiddleman, not a distributor – the OG. Honestly, getting to the bottom of thatone was the hardest part.And THEN we had to find the right people who could custom fit a cap andsew it all together right.

After a couple years of hard work, we did it. We both had gorgeous wigs andwe feel like the best possible versions of ourselves, for about the price of aquality pre-cut.

And THEN…people kept stopping us and asking us what brand our wigswere. They wanted to buy them for themselves.

So we helped one person. Then another. Then another. It took a lot of time and effort, so we started charging a consultancy feeabove cost. And as demand for our wigs kept growing, we made it all superofficial by establish Prive’.

If you’re looking for the absolutely best wig your money can buy, we’ve gotyou!